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hey i just joined, i have always been kind of the outcast i suppose, in grade school i was the tomboy, in high school i was the freaky ass goth chick w/black make-up, spiked collar, trench coat, bondage pants, ect. Now im almost 20 and im just me, I guess im a butch dyke that wears guys clothes, cologne, short hair, and all that. My look i guess would be described as "preppy" even though im not what you'd call a "prep". I'm really not one for labels, but they are always put on you in some way no matter what you do. I'm just here to make some new friends, and just find people to talk too that are different and happy with it!

for your viewing pleasure...
or possibly pain..
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New Chick

Hi i'm 16 from california. I passed by this community and it seems perfect for me. I hope there are lots of other people i can chat w/ and relate to.
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